That lovely boy in pajamas loves winter. He loves playing in the snow, making snowman…  But he’s sick now. He has to stay at home. Could there be any chance to get him out? Maybe. If he can find the keys for the doors, he can dive into an adventure full of snow! Well then. Let’s help this little boy in pajamas enjoy the snowy winter day out!

Use WASD or Arrow keys to move and jump, R to restart.


Following getting lost, Pajama Young man must find fireflies to help him get out there of the Dark Natrual enviroment. A new challenging program adventure awaits you in Pajama Boy 2! Aid the cute hero in his pajama to perform, bounce and roll through each stage to catch fireflies and get to the exit.

Pajama Boy is coming back to his home town after long wandering and dangerous adventures. However, a horrible strange power that can control the metal destroyed the city, the inhabitants and Pajama boy’s family are held hostages. Only he can save them.

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