Slope is a crazy skill game where you have to steer a ball over an enormous 3D course. Try play Slope if you believe you’re a professional of balance.

Utilize the arrow tips to steer the neon ball as it’s fell onto the obstacle course. A number of the websites you have to spin over are on an perspective among others have things in the manner.

Also look out for anything red, including walls, just like you hit them you’ll explode and it’ll be game over for you.

Slope is a smashing skill game that you can play on this page, free of charge. The game is built with WebGL to run flawlessly in most browsers. It has received 2,581,434 plays and has been rated 8.5 out of 10 with 9,951 votes.

SLOPE (82%) action A way is from a hill, a way back do not exist. You are a ball which rolls still on and on. Your only task is avoid to all obstacles. However, it is impossible. How far can you roll as a ball?? Have fun.


For all platform games fans – don’t Give Up! This unusual game will do everything to intimidate you and stop your attempts to finish it. Just try to prove that Big Brother ain’t right: jump precisely, avoid deadly traps and find the exit door on every level.
If you like this game, don’t forget to play the sequel – GIVE UP 2, with even more traps and cruel gameplay!

NEW! If you are Google Chrome user, you can install GIVE UP as the Chrome extension! Click on the button below to install.

PLAY GAME: http://sloperun3.com/



Take on the role of furious rambo in Uber Commando, a cool side-scrolling gun and run game. You are called to protect humanity from evil creepers and their allies. Sprint through the green jungle, take out enemies and shoot ’em up or blast them off the track. Gain money to increase your strength and weapon power. Much fun!

Controls: Mouse = Aim / Jump, Space = Missle




Jerry loves cheese and wants to get it. Tom, on the other hand, will do whatever it takes to stop Jerry. Jerry must get the cheese and bring it back from the other side of the sink. Jerry must be careful as he crosses the sink to get to the cheese. There are different ways to get to the sink. Be innovative and find out ways to cross the water. Also note that Tom is moving here and there in search of Jerry. You must hide from him so that he does not get you. But when Tom is not around make your move. Collect all eight pieces of cheese to win.

Help Jerry collect cheese by swimming across the sink. Tom must not see this, so do it while he is not around. Swim across the sink to get to the cheese. Next, find out only good matches, use it to build a raft and use the raft to float across the sink to get to the cheese. You can also build a bridge using the matches. There is also a friend who you can call to help you out. Use the map to help you figure out how close Tom is.

Mouse click and Movement: For Swiming, Constructing Raft and Bridge
Left/Right Arrows: Float The Raft


Jerry’s hungry and he would like to get that piece of cheese at the other side of the table. Help Jerry reach the cheese safely, without Tom catching him!

Tom and Jerry Cheese War 2 is a follow up for an interesting puzzle sport. Jerry is in the particular kitchen hiding behind the pot of flowers. Tom is outside and will be watching through the windows. He doesn’t know where is Jerry and is running around house to find him. Use that time while Tom is on the other side of the house to get cheese from the opposite side of the counter. You have 6 puzzles to solve to beat the game and Tom.

Click your mouse on the first puzzle the moment Tom leaves the window. Read the instructions and complete it before Tom comes back. There is a mini map in the upper right corner so you can track Tom’s whereabouts. If Tom catches Jerry in the open the game is over and you play from the beginning. Get all cheese and don’t let Tom catch you while taking it


Play this Tom and Jerry game with the mouse. You will need to perform some small tasks (the icons at the top of the window) in the little window that will appear. Keep your eye on Tom’s position: you can spot it on the map on your top right. As soon as Tom sees Jerry the game is over!




That lovely boy in pajamas loves winter. He loves playing in the snow, making snowman…  But he’s sick now. He has to stay at home. Could there be any chance to get him out? Maybe. If he can find the keys for the doors, he can dive into an adventure full of snow! Well then. Let’s help this little boy in pajamas enjoy the snowy winter day out!

Use WASD or Arrow keys to move and jump, R to restart.


Following getting lost, Pajama Young man must find fireflies to help him get out there of the Dark Natrual enviroment. A new challenging program adventure awaits you in Pajama Boy 2! Aid the cute hero in his pajama to perform, bounce and roll through each stage to catch fireflies and get to the exit.

Pajama Boy is coming back to his home town after long wandering and dangerous adventures. However, a horrible strange power that can control the metal destroyed the city, the inhabitants and Pajama boy’s family are held hostages. Only he can save them.



We are glad that you have chosen to play Run Ninja Run on sloperun3.com, the most dynamic website available. If you like this game Run Ninja Run don’t forget to rate it and this way you will help with selecting only the best games for the home page.

Run Ninja Run has the following words associated with it by the players through the most common search queries: run ninja run, action, adventure, escape, enemy, jump, obstacle, platform runner, upgrade, achievements, skill, attack, collect

Controls: Arrows = Jump/Slide, Spacebar = Attack

They are best reviewed when compared to other games where people enjoy the game to be cool and is not much frustrating. However there are no different routes to be taken but has to follow only a single path to attack any foe. The artistic style and the fun concept are maintained at all the levels without making the players bored. One must be careful with the sliding alone without getting hit against the mountain because you may lose the game if you do so. Sliding from midair at the top of the mountain is the most interesting part of the game where you ramp up.

The background graphics and the quadruple jump will give you the best move from one place to another. There are loads of different voices when you play the game but the amount of time will be little face planted. The tutorial pop out will make the game more responsive where you can protect against the hits, keeping the game going. Though every game comes with obstacles the epicness will be well maintained in the game without disturbing the original plot. It is actually a good game where some places seem to be tightened where you will enjoy the challenge and make yourself familiar with the game.


The world of gaming has always drawn the younger generation nowadays as a result of the ease within use and also the particular simplicity to play exactly where it gives an improved environment around. There are numerous games available online that will can suit the require of men and women with different age group groups.

Some of the games appear to be more enjoyable and interesting to play with while others come up with action sequence like hitting, smashing and attacking your foes or the obstacles that comes on your way. One such game which involves such a game sequence is Run Ninja Run 2 which is like a game of reflexes and must use your skill to make the jumping and sliding. Collecting gold bars and the ancient token is the primary theme around which the game revolves. It is a popular running game series where you get to dress up yourself as Ninja and perform with the game. It was the previous version of Ninja 3 but however they have the same control structures and themes of playing.

Concept of the game

This new sequel of game appears to be amazing and dripping that was developed by Pyrozen which mainly helps the dauntless Ninja to its own hostile territory by attacking the cruel enemies and the dangerous carnivores along with the hurdles that come on their way. While moving there are a number of coins that are put where you have in order to acquire them in purchase to continue with the particular running and make the particular attack over the opponents in order that you can endure and will not drop the game easily. It really is a new adventure within the gaming sequence which usually

  • Keeps you focused through beginning till the finish
  • Gets a feel associated with yourself as becoming the Ninja
  • Increase your focus as a result of the hurdles forward
  • Make your chasing quick at the right point

When you gather for the coins you get upgraded yourself with the game and enjoy the series with an improved continuity. You will find few similarities when in comparison to the previous edition where the plot within playing the game will be always exactly the same.

Design associated with Interface

The interface style is very simple exactly where you are required to follow only the particular basic instructions and simply no special keys to do any kind of jump. You can enhance your adventure where presently there are no adverts that will pop up throughout the center of the game plus keeps up your enjoyment level always. With the particular help of new helpful upgrades you can kill your dangerous enemies along with a stylish move plus attack them easily. Whenever you acquire for the particular effective items then a person run through the overall game along with new levels creating sufficient distance between you plus the ninjas who maintain chasing.

This free on the internet running game is usually cool to use where you have got to to only worry regarding the enemies and create a proper attack. Due to the simplicity in design along with the simple modes within playing the complete sequence looks to become interesting both with regard to the beginners as nicely as for the normal users. However remember to make better upgrades while paying with the game in order to make proper utilization of the game and keep it more enchanting and lively. The ecstasy in design and the background music keeps you more attached to the game while playing thus the efficiency of the plot will be maintained at a greater extent.



The kids today are more addicted to play games through video and by using internet and recent developing techniques. One such easy method for playing is via online where installation for proper flash player and other software can give you access to a wide variety of games. These games come under different jounre that can suit individuals of all ages and keep them more excited and engaged while playing.

One such game which attracts the children today is Run Ninja Run 3 which has several versions covered up earlier. The game appears to be exciting to play with a simple moves and the complexity in the game is very much reduced. It is completely an action arcade game where you have to escape form the trouble keepers in order to make it to a next level. It can be played in mobile also where it must support proper hardware to run the game at ease. It is a hot new game that is available in trend today where the majority of the kids sought out to play for this Ninja game online. Playing the game is very simple by using easier moves where there is no complication in playing. It always keeps you more attached to the game keeping you concentrated in playing.

Mode of playing

It is actually an action packed adventure game that was developed by Mediameg, a private company of game portal that has developed many games. It is a premium flash game where you walk through and attack the enemies who comes on the way. The platform for this game is developed based on the inspiration from CANABALT and flood runner. The main theme of the game is the running person who is Ninja where you must jump, slide and attack at the right moment. In case you hit yourself into any disturbance it means you have failed the game and must proceed from first. The controls are extremely basic where the:

– Arrow keys may be used to jump and slide
– Spacebar will be used to perform any attack on the enemies.
– Hold left mouse button to activate shield
– Right click to throw smoke bomb.
– They have a great rating where the majority of the children opt to play for this game online. While playing the game you need not run but try to escape from the attackers also with the other troubles and make the running from them.

Gaming Software

The interface regarding the game is extremely simple that can be adapted despite having your mobile. While enjoying the game a smaller put up blinks to move forward with the game in addition to this can give an individual some idea about typically the hurdles that come forwards. The Q button can alter the quality of typically the game that you get. The achievements, upgrades, secrets and cheats and runs will end up being mentioned on the windowpane itself where you could continue typically the game without issues.

Typically the purpose of the online game is to accumulate regarding the coins which could improve the lifetime that you can enjoy the sport. Because it is usually an action sequence your entire game along with Ninja have been designed like a new stunt performer which offers you an involvement any time playing with the online game besides making you stay related always. The straightforward to employ interface in the story of game is constantly wanted by almost all of typically the game lovers and they will ensure it is enjoyable while enjoying.

PLAY GAME: sloperun3.com



Operate and fight against opponents surrounding your castle! The particular brave cats will instantly attack enemies in their own path. You are able to gather lots of fish and specific upgrades during each rounded. Unlock shirts, hats, in addition to accessories to customize each and every cat. Improve your guns to run even a greater distance!


Funny runner – fight and dress up your cats in a huge number of costumes!

Features: 4 unique worlds, 4 bosses, 80 costumes, 8 abilities


How To Play

– Use the Arrow Keys to control your army of cats. Jump over obstacles and collect fish.

– Dress up your cats to improve the strength of your army with the costumes and weapons found along the way.

– Try to collect full set costumes for special powers!

Play game: http://sloperun3.com/strikeforce-kitty-game.game


Strikeforce Kitty is back! Evil foxes have attacked again. We’ve sent our gallant kittens on an epic adventure to conquer the foxes’ fortress! The purr-fect runner. Funny, addictive, and full of surprises! Unlock upgrades and collect items and clothes for your kittens. Create their own unique outfits or wear popular costumes like the Batman or Darth Vader suits!

Ensure that the cat King’s brave battling unit to defeat unhealthy foxes and take over their fortresses in Strike Force Kitty 2! Recruit kitties each with a special ability and navigate your strike force over obstacles, battle enemies and collect fishes for upgrades as you advance. Much fun with the second episode of Strike Force Kitty!

Controls: Arrows / Mouse = Jump / Down

Play game: http://sloperun3.com/strikeforce-kitty-2-game.game



G-Switch is a simple concept taken to the extreme. The one-button gravity switch mechanic allows for a very fast-paced game with interesting gameplay that is very intense and addictive.

In the main game mode you have to complete 8 checkpoint sections, where your skills will be pushed to the limit in a carefully thought-out level design.

In Endless mode you have the addictive challenge of beating your high score, in a level that’s different each time you play it!

Remember the good old days when you’d play games with friends that were actually physically next to you? Here’s your chance to revive that spirit like never before, with a multiplayer mode for up to 6 players on one keyboard!

I hope you have as much fun playing this game as I had creating it!


– Try to reach the 8 checkpoints in “Play” mode.

– Gather up to 6 people around your keyboard in multiplayer mode!

– Click outside of game area to pause game.

– Press “zero” key to mute/unmute sound.


The thrilling one-button game G-Switch is back!

Can your running robot break the record for distance? Flip gravity in time as you run on floors, ceilings and walls.

Avoid to miss a platform and to fall off the screen. Choose the endless mode to challenge your buddy, the AI or your own high score. Select the multiplayer mode to play against up to 8 players.

Your goal is to get as far as possible through the dreadful World of G-Switch 2.  Much fun.


Arrow Up = Switch Gravity


Get ready for the third sequel of the fun-addicting physics-based game G-Switch! In this game you don’t control the character, you control gravity. So let the little guy keep running and change G force direction in order to get farther and farther. Be smart, it may get tricky! Have fun with G-Switch 3!


Arrows up / down = switch gravity



Run. Do not slow down. Do not fall off. Do not give up.

Use the arrow keys to either run or skate through the 3 dimensional course. If the game seems to be too fast, hit pause (or press p) and move your mouse over the quality settings. Click the FPS box and change the number to 99. It sure makes those jumps easier! This game requires enormous concentration and memorization!


Use the arrow keys to either run or skate through the 3 dimensional course. If the game appears to be too fast, hit pause (or press p) and set the frame rate to high. It’ll make it a little easier that you should time those jumps perfectly!
This game requires enormous concentration and memorization!


Work 3 is an amazingly addicting, endless runner-type action/platforming game in which an individual play as a tiny grey alien. The tiny alien is trespassing inside an architecturally challenged location that is floating inside space. After trespassing inside the prohibited zone which can be packed with increasing amounts regarding dangerous holes, you work. In the event you fall into a single of the holes, you can find yourself lost in room so make sure you watch your current step!

Let’s face that, running is a genuine drag. Nothing’s worse as compared to running around in groups in hopes of losing a few calories.

Nevertheless with Run 3, the sole sweat you might notice is from your hands as you run in addition to job through crazy obstructions in an alien establishing where the laws regarding physics don’t always utilize! Why run in groups when you might run through a new track that places even more and more deadly openings in your way because you progress? Plus, this particular game is placed in external space, which beats the particular park or the fitness center any day!


If you would like to try a similar game, give Slope a try!