Jerry loves cheese and wants to get it. Tom, on the other hand, will do whatever it takes to stop Jerry. Jerry must get the cheese and bring it back from the other side of the sink. Jerry must be careful as he crosses the sink to get to the cheese. There are different ways to get to the sink. Be innovative and find out ways to cross the water. Also note that Tom is moving here and there in search of Jerry. You must hide from him so that he does not get you. But when Tom is not around make your move. Collect all eight pieces of cheese to win.

Help Jerry collect cheese by swimming across the sink. Tom must not see this, so do it while he is not around. Swim across the sink to get to the cheese. Next, find out only good matches, use it to build a raft and use the raft to float across the sink to get to the cheese. You can also build a bridge using the matches. There is also a friend who you can call to help you out. Use the map to help you figure out how close Tom is.

Mouse click and Movement: For Swiming, Constructing Raft and Bridge
Left/Right Arrows: Float The Raft


Jerry’s hungry and he would like to get that piece of cheese at the other side of the table. Help Jerry reach the cheese safely, without Tom catching him!

Tom and Jerry Cheese War 2 is a follow up for an interesting puzzle sport. Jerry is in the particular kitchen hiding behind the pot of flowers. Tom is outside and will be watching through the windows. He doesn’t know where is Jerry and is running around house to find him. Use that time while Tom is on the other side of the house to get cheese from the opposite side of the counter. You have 6 puzzles to solve to beat the game and Tom.

Click your mouse on the first puzzle the moment Tom leaves the window. Read the instructions and complete it before Tom comes back. There is a mini map in the upper right corner so you can track Tom’s whereabouts. If Tom catches Jerry in the open the game is over and you play from the beginning. Get all cheese and don’t let Tom catch you while taking it


Play this Tom and Jerry game with the mouse. You will need to perform some small tasks (the icons at the top of the window) in the little window that will appear. Keep your eye on Tom’s position: you can spot it on the map on your top right. As soon as Tom sees Jerry the game is over!


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